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Short movie based on photographs. I found this baby bird in my neighbourhood on the ground. He probably fell from his nest. I wanted to bury him, but decided to take a few photographs of him first. Instead of only a few pictures, it became very quickly a new project.

Music: Requiem for Cello Alone / Peter Sculthorpe (Sydney / Australia)

Cello: Detmar Leertouwer (Arnhem / The Netherlands)

Video afspelen

Trailer SLEEP (02:16)

Crowd funding trailer for the film SLEEP (in progress)

Movie fragments: ‘The Scientist’ by Buster Keaton & ‘Modern Times’ by Charlie Chaplin

Music: Turtle Dreams by Meredith Monk (New York / USA)

Video afspelen

TEARS (02:05)

Based on five pictures of actress Lotte Verbeek  (Los Angeles / USA)

Music: ‘The Kiss’ from the motion picture ‘Orlando’ by Sally Potter (London / UK)

Premiere 26-01-19


The INNER HARBOUR is based on choreography by Dutch dancer Milou Nuyens and at the moment dancer at the Dansk Danstheater in Copenhagen (Denmark).

The movie was made at the 8th month of her pregnancy on the ‘Inner Harbour Bridge’ in Copenhagen (‘Inderhavnsbroen’ in Danish),  situated precisely between her home and her workplace, the Opera House (‘Operaen på Holmen’).

The choreography is about her struggle between two important polarities in het life: dance and motherhood. The two ‘a cappella’ voices by French singer Camille Dalmais can be seen as the beat of her own heart and the one of her child, but also as the two hearts of the two polarities in her life.

MANA Contemporary Jersey City (USA)  26/01/19 (première) ‘The Un/Certain Body’ > ‘Public Places, Private Worlds’ www.manacontemporary.com

MANA Contemporary Miami (USA)  16/03/2019                       ‘The Un/Certain Body’ > ‘Public Places, Private Worlds’  www.manacontemporarymiami.com

MANA Contemporary Chicago (USA) 07/04/2019                    ‘The Un/Certain Body’ > ‘Public Places, Private Worlds’                  > Screening at the Chicago Cultural Center http://www.manacontemporarychicago.com 

Premiere 09-03-19


‘The Time Is Now’ is about living in the here and now and about the need for a new spontaneity and playfulness.

World première > Saturday March 9th 2019 at the International Film Festival CINEDANS in the EYE Filmmuseum (Amsterdam).

Choreographer & performer: Milou Nuyens (Dansk Danstheater, Copenhagen / Denmark )

Music composer: David Julyan (The Music Sales Group / London, UK)

In progress


‘White Death’ tells the story of two lovers and their painful separation caused by death. The short dance movie was inspired by the International project about tuberculosis “White Death. The Modern Face of Tuberculosis’ for which I was invited to participate. I choose to show tuberculosis as the ‘romantic disease’, as ‘consumption’. ‘White Death’ is about the transient nature of life and about physical death versus the intangible.

Painfully, because of organisation and money issues, the project has never been completed and so didn’t get the International exposure it earned. Unexpectedly and years later a new version of ‘White Death’ came to life.

Dance performance: Milou Nuyens (Dansk Danstheater, Copenhagen / Denmark )

Music: Mecca Normal (Vancouver / Canada)

In progress

ELLE AIME (03:36)

A sketch ment for a short dance movie based on ‘found’ choreography, common everyday life movements, combined with the lyrics and music of ‘Elle aime’ a song from Albin de la Simone.

Dance: Milou Nuyens (Dansk Danstheater, Copenhagen / Denmark )

Music: ‘Elle aime’ / Albin de la Simone (Paris / France) + Feist (Canada)

In progress


A collection of film portraits of high sensitive people from 8-75 years old.

Recent research has build increasing evidence that within a population two basic personalities coexist. One of them (a minority of 15-20%) shows different reactions to their environment than the others. Those different traits are found in at least over 100 species so far, besides humans.

This minority within a population tends to operate more in the background and to be more careful and more responsive to their environment than the other type. Both types of personalities coexist within a population, each needing what the other lacks.

Unfortunately in our fast 24 hour economy society there seems less and less appreciation and space for the people who are more sensitive than others. They are often associated with negative states like depression or laziness and seen as weak. With this series I want to show the positive qualities of high sensitive people like scrutiny, imagination, empathy and intuition, which seem to me of great value for humanity as a whole.